Yet Another Lightweight Framework

        yourserver ~ $ 


  • CLI
  • Manual
            	$  mkdir myapp 
$ cd myapp
$ fetch http://yalf.nightfly.biz/yalf_current.tgz
$ tar zxvf yalf_current.tgz && rm -fr yalf_current.tgz
$ chmod -R 777 exports content config
1. download latest YALF snapshot
2. make your application directory
3. unpack YALF to application directory
4. set read/write rights to directories exports content and config

Fast & Light

CPU and Memory overheads are minimized as possible. Just your modules loading and nothing else.


The most kawaii NyanORM works out of the box. Just setup your database and start coding!


Easy to use built-in authorization and rights system fully backward compatible with ReloadCMS and Ubilling


You can easyly develop web and CLI applications with the same framework just by switching renderer engine


For best performance of your applications you can use file cache or memcached or redis caching engines


Many libs to work with i18n, routing, HTTP, Telegram, SNMP, Maps and other external APIs are already included

Read our documentation for advanced practices and customization